by Bradley D. Brown on October 30th, 2013

Buying gold can be more than just an expensive hobby, the move is also part of a wise investment strategy. These days it seems that everyone is trying to get in on the action and make a quick buck. However, beginners to the buying gold game are advised to slow down, read up on the subject and take preventative steps in order to ensure that a buying gold transaction goes smoothly.
For the average person, buying gold starts with a smart savings plan as cash is king when it comes to buying gold coin, bullion or bars. The amount to invest into buying gold is simply based on a person’s budget. After that has been decided, beginners should ensure that they do not bite off more than they can chew.
Buying Gold, Start Small

Bigger doesn't always mean better, sometimes size is equated with a large cost and financial burden. It is for that reason, beginners interested in buying gold need to start small and move up through the ranks. Gold coin, gold bullion and gold bars come are released by a variety of mints and there is a large assortment of styles, sizes and value. Some individuals will need some time to save up enough money to buy a solid 1 oz gold bullion. Feel free to slowly dip your toe into the buying gold market and remember, no matter what dollar amount is invested, research thoroughly and plan on learning a bit along the way
Buying Gold, What to Look For

Sadly, when it comes to buying gold, not all that glitters is valuable. Those interested in buying gold bullion need to look for hallmarked bullion noted with weight and purity of .9999-fine gold. Perhaps you prefer buying a gold coin or two? Make sure that the gold coin has been released by a trusted mint (IE the United States Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint) as their gold bullion is guaranteed.

by Bradley D. Brown on August 23rd, 2013

Maple Leaf Gold coins, designed, minted, and offered by the Royal Canadian Mint, are the official gold bullion coin of Canada. They were first produced in 1979 and the Maple Leaf Gold coins issued between 1979 and 1982 have a gold content that measures .999 gold bullion. Some of the issues, currently, are actually 24-karat gold, which is .99999 pure.
According to the Wikipedia Gold Maple Leaf coin page, the Maple Leaf Gold coins are available in the following sizes and weights, each with a different face value (they are considered to be legal tender, but their actual worth is much more, because of the pure gold bullion that they contain):
· 1/25-ounce, face value of $0.50, Canadian
· 1/20-ounce, face value of $1.00, Canadian
· 1/10-ounce, face value of $5.00, Canadian
· 1/4-ounce, face value of $10.00, Canadian
· 1/2-ounce, face value of $20.00, Canadian
· 1-ounce, face value of $50.00, Canadian
But that doesn’t answer the question of whether or not Maple Leaf Gold coins are a good investment. The page on about these coins says that they are often bought by people in India and other areas of the east, where gold bullion is highly prized. So there is a start to an answer: because Maple Leaf Gold coins are pure bullion, they’re in demand not just nationally, but internationally.
When you’re looking to invest, precious metals are good way to go, especially if you want to diversify your portfolio. While it’s never wise to invest solely in one area, making the decision to buy gold, including Maple Leaf Gold coins, is a good call. Gold holds its value through good and bad economic times, it can be converted to cash when needed, and it’s easily transported and stored (at least in small amounts) at home.
The Maple Leaf Gold coins, because they are pure gold, are an excellent investment choice. When you’re getting ready to buy these coins – whether you’re looking at buying just one or two or many – you should look into online companies selling gold. This will ensure that you’re paying the lowest mark-up, are able to lock in the price that you want, and will be able to have the coins delivered to your home or to a vault (entirely your decision), insured.
One of the companies that you should research is Merit Financial; they have been in business for many years, [P1] and they offer the Maple Leaf Gold coins at excellent prices.
 [P1]Removed: have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau,

by Bradley D. Brown on June 14th, 2013

When it comes to precious metals, and investing in precious metals, many people immediately think of gold. Often overlooked, though, is silver. This is a big mistake. Making the decision to purchase silver bullion – available as bars and bullion coins – is something that every intelligent investor should consider.
Not only is silver an affordable (at least at the moment) precious metal, which makes the purchase of silver bullion, now, a good call, it is that silver is declining in availability. Many mining experts believe that most of the silver available in the ground has already been extracted and processed, and that no large silver deposits remain to be discovered and mined. At the same time, the demand for silver is growing from the manufacturing and technology sectors. Which simply means that there is less silver available and an increasing demand for it; therefore, anyone who decides to purchase silver bullion, now, is buying a metal that can only increase in value.
Another important factor to consider when thinking about making the decision to purchase silver bullion? According to Bullion Supermarket, there are currently signs of shortages of silver bullion coins and silver bullion bars. This simply means that smart investors are deciding to purchase silver bullion and to sit on it, waiting for the value to increase. Now, while there is still some bullion available – and affordable – is the time for you to purchase silver bullion.
Many investors are deciding to purchase silver bullion in coin form, with many choosing the U.S. Mint’s 2013 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins. The demand for these coins – which are 99.9% pure silver – has been so strong that the U.S. Mint has temporarily suspended their sales because the stockpile has been significantly depleted, according to an article on Silver Coins Today. Everyone is making the decision to purchase silver bullion, it seems.
Right now, silver bullion is affordable. In fact, according to an article on Resource Investor, “…silver is cheap and is priced well below its historical inflation adjusted high.”
So the demand is growing, the availability of the metal is decreasing, and right now silver is undervalued: what more do you need to know about making a decision to purchase silver bullion?
Do your own research, of course, and then look to the internet to find the best prices on silver bullion bars and silver bullion coins. One company to consider is Merit Gold; with their extremely low mark-up on silver bullion products, they’re an excellent company to purchase silver bullion from.

by Bradley D. Brown on May 22nd, 2013

Buying gold has become a favorite of Americans looking to grow their wealth. As a result gold bullion and gold bars are flying off the shelf. Within the gold buying niche, American Gold Eagles are a perennial favorite for a multitude of reasons. The coins are beautiful and brimming of a precious metal mix featuring 91.67 percent gold,  3 percent silver and 5.33 percent copper. Plus, there are a variety of American Gold Eagle Coins that can work for every budget.

In America, it is a common belief that bigger is better; that is certainly true in relation to American Gold Eagle Coins. That is why consumers with a sizable amount of savings favor 1 oz gold American Gold Eagle Coins.  Minted since 1986, this particular gold coin is a favorite among gold investors as the coin is officially noted as America’s official gold bullion. The United States government guarantees that all American Gold Eagle Coins meet weight, content and purity standards. Individuals can currently expect to pay a gold price of around $1,700 per 1 oz gold. 

Too rich for your blood? Maybe a ½ oz American Gold Eagle Coin is a better choice. Since these beautiful coins are half the size of the full 1 oz gold coins individuals can expect to pay around $850 to add this particular American Gold Eagle Coin to their gold investment portfolio.

No two people are exactly alike and while $875 may work for Jane, Joe may be looking to add some more affordable American Gold Eagle Coins to his collection. In that case, the the ¼ oz gold American Gold Eagle Coin may be the winner. Just like the larger versions of the gold coin, there is still beauty and luster, but this one can be added to one’s collection for around $450 per gold coin.

Is $450 for an American Gold Eagle Coin close but no cigar? The dainty 1/10 American Gold Eagle Coin may be the winner as this particular size costs under $200. If that is too steep, planning a savings strategy for the smallest version of the American Gold Eagle Coin may be in order. However by skipping the store bought coffee, lunches and prepared meals and making everything from scratch can help individuals quickly amass the funds needed to get this particular sized American Gold Eagle Coins easily fit into budget.

by Bradley D. Brown on May 13th, 2013

When considering buying gold, you must consider gold coin prices in relation to the global economy.  Gold is widely seen as an inflation hedge, and something that will hold its value over time.

Gold coin prices are influenced by the news of the day, just like any other investment.  The difference is, you can hold gold coins in your hand and easily sell them is necessary.  This is not the case with real estate and other non-liquid assets.

Throughout history, gold coin prices have been related to their scarcity.  They have always been used as money because a high value is based on a very small amount.  A coin worth a lot can still be easily carried and exchanged. 

Gold coin prices can vary from dealer to dealer and are based on their grade.  It is essential that you deal with reputable dealers with confirmed grades from a respected source.  The slight difference in grade can have a tremendous effect on the coin’s value.

For centuries, gold has been used as money.  That is a huge comfort to investors who see the rise and fall of commodities, house values and stocks and bonds.  Gold has a special place in the hearts of investors worldwide.

Gold is universally recognized for its beauty and mystique.  Wars have been fought over it, adventures undertaken in search of it, and lands conquered because of it. 

In the recent past, gold and silver have provided much higher returns compared to other investments.  The global fiscal crisis and the European debt have raised demand to impressive levels.  And the overall belief in gold as a stable investment is likely to continue.  The demand for gold jewelry is exploding in developing countries like India and China as more people join the middle class. 

The choice of investing in gold is a personal one.  Investigate the advantages of gold coins before you decide on which ones to add to your portfolio.

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